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It’s a good app but from other ratings there are mistakes in how you say the words in Greek

Audio not working

Wasn't very useful as the audio wouldn't work on my phone. There are certain sections that say no audio, but the ones with it and the lesson both did not work for me.


Couldn't get it to work. No audio.


App has inaccurate info. Almost all sentences contain errors. This is not the way to learn Greek

Awesome app

Great for learning Greek! Although you can not search words

Very nice

Is there a full version to this?


Πολύ ωραία

Terrible don't waste toot time

Terrible. I am a somewhat native speaker and a lot of the phrases they say don't match what is written. Besides this app is just an advertisement for all their tourist crap.


It won't even let me download and I'm a v5.1!

Great app

I'm in high school and trying to teach myself Greek. This app is great for beginners. It does take a desire to learn as you have to make an effort to memorize the terms, but overall it is a great app.

Not bad

It's got a few basics. I wish it had phrases for shopping & dining.


Nai! Telika eoapha ellivika!


Not great. As a fluent Greek speaker, reader, and writer I noticed many mistakes with the written Greek. Downloaded it to teach my friend but I was disappointed.

Yay :D

I learned some greek quick! If you want to learn Greek, this is you app! Efharisto!


I love this app.Me and some friends are having a Greek club and tho is perferct.We may even go to Greece someday which makes it even better.

Perfect intro to Greek

My Greek mother would have loved this little intro to the Greek language. I especially liked the dialogue between Scott and the restaurant owner, an authentic Greek man. Well done and thank you for the free app. Eu xaristo para polle!

Really good, but could be better! :)

I really like this app. The man speaks clearly and there are some key phrases. I wish they would put more phrases and write the words in Greek letters though!

Pretty good app

This is a really neat app. I like the use of conversation to help learn the language.

Amazing on I phone

Loved Download helped me a bunch.Greeks love it and it makes them laugh.Great job.

Love the Greeks

I love the Greek civilization


Great if your going on vacation to Greece. The best part it's free!

Greeks are awesome

Nice for being free

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